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  • Paul Greengrass praises Matt's intelligence, humor, acting ability, star quality and physical abilities in this French interview.

  • Matt talks about protecting his family and living in New York in this Swiss interview.

  • A story about the set construction for True Grit in Granger, Texas, is here. Matt probably won't be in the Granger scenes.

  • An article on Matt's dialect coach Tim Monich is here.

    Matt Damon thanked him on the Oscars’ red carpet. Brad Pitt stayed at his house. Arnold Schwarzenegger talked politics with him.

    “I have enjoyed almost every job that I have had, I have to say. Maybe I’m just easy to please, but the quality of people that I get to work with is pretty extraordinary, so what’s not to like?” Monich said.

    In particular Monich raved about his time on the set of “The Talented Mr. Ripley” where he was able to travel about the Italian cities of Rome, Naples, Ischia, Tuscany, Palermo, and Venice. He also added that the movies he has done in Africa "are just incredible."

    Currently, Monich is at work in New Mexico working on a film with Matt Damon.

  • An article on celebrity hands-on dads, with a personal touch, from Famecrawler:

    Matt Damon seems to fly under the radar as a high-profile dad, a fact he attributes to having a fairly boring life. Well, kids’ll do that to you. Nonetheless, boring lives often make for good parents. And Damon, who is often spotted in the company of his adorable kids, seems to be a great dad. On a personal note, I’ve bumped into him at the playground before, and not only is he awesome with his own kids–he’s pretty cool with everyone else’s, too.

  • A sighting from Saturday's New York Post:

    Matt Damon rising early to stand on line and buy four drinks for his family at the Starbucks at West 87th and Broadway...
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