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Cannes documentary

  • Matt is the narrator of a documentary about the global economic crisis by Charles Ferguson, titled Inside Job, that will premiere at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. More details are in this Indiewire article.

    Sony Pictures Classics will launch three films at the Cannes Film Festival this year with Charles Ferguson’s doc “Inside Job” rounding out its roster for the event. Narrated by Matt Damon, the film is an in-depth look at the recent financial crisis and has just been completed, SPC said Sunday.

    The company boarded the Ferguson’s project more than eighteen months ago, and is his follow-up to the acclaimed "No End in Sight."

    "After having immersed myself in research and the making of this film over the past 18 months, I am enormously gratified that ‘Inside Job’ will premiere at Cannes," Ferguson said, in a statement, "It is my great hope that the film can contribute to national and global debate about this extremely important subject."

  • Details about The Adjustment Bureau from EW's summer preview:

    What kind of movie is The Adjustment Bureau? "It crosses so many different borders and genre styles," says costar Emily Blunt, "that it's hard to say." Director George Nolfi, who makes his feature debut, also finds the film hard to pin down. "There's a little bit of a political drama, but primarily it is a love story," he says. "Combined with a fantastical premise. Combined with a chase thriller. Kind of." Matt Damon just laughs. "If the director can't answer that question," he says, "I don't know what to say, other than it's a really tough movie to pitch."

    Well, let's start with what we do know. Damon plays a politician who falls in love with a ballet dancer (Blunt), but their relationship is star-crossed, since the titular bureau, a shadowy collective of fedora-sporting agents acting as the arbiters of fate, is trying to keep them apart. Whew. And while it's based very loosely on a Philip K. Dick short story, Nolfi insists the film isn't really science fiction. "Sci-fi to me conjures up lasers and spaceships and time travel," he says. "This movie is told very realistically."

    So realistically, in fact, that Blunt had to train for months in contemporary ballet. "It was terrifying at first," she remembers, "because I'd never donned a pair of ballet slippers in my life." Damon, however, got off easy. "Normally, I'm the one that has to do all these crazy physical things for the role, so it was nice to be able to sit back and have it be somebody else this time."

  • A good video from the Cinematheque event, including clips and interviews is at YouTube.
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