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Syriana review, Greenlight plea

  • The first review of Syriana is at Aint-it-cool-news.

  • Project Greenlight producer Chris Moore made a plea in his weekly blog for fans to keep watching the show on Bravo, and to encourage others to show their interest. The ratings are far below previous seasons when the show aired on a less popular network.

    Finally, we need more people to watch the show. If you are reading this then you are probably a fan. Project Greenlight is hurting now. Not because of the movie but because of the ratings of the show. Feast will turn out well but we need more people to watch. If you like Project Greenlight, tell a friend and get more people to watch. It would be a real shame if it turns out that we finally figured out the movie side and the TV show kills us. I still believe that Project Greenlight is a worthwhile experiment and I think this year's show is awesome. Thanks for listening, and keep the faith.

  • Photos of Matt and Brad Pitt looking at a local Lamborghini police car in Rome are here.

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