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Adjustment Bureau trailer

  • The trailer for The Adjustment Bureau will be previewed on Entertainment Tonight's show on Wednesday. Brief clips were also shown on Tuesday's show.

  • Two photos of Matt and Gia in New York are at PopSugar.

  • Jimmy Kimmel and Don Cheadle joked about Matt's Cinematheque award on Monday's Kimmel show. The full clip is available on YouTube. A press release about the Cinematheque event, to air on 27 May, is here.

  • A mention of Matt's upcoming charity event in Greenwich is here. Matt will also appear at a Boston charity event next year.

  • Director Doug Liman discussed on his blog the dinner for Earth Made of Glass (the Rwanda documentary). Matt had previously met President Kagame of Rwanda in Rwanda on behalf of onexone, and the connection was not through Ben Affleck.

    Liman: Recently I was invited to dinner with President Kagame of Rwanda. He is in town in NY for the United Nations, and was attending a Tribeca Film Festival screening of a documentary set in Rwanda.

    I saw Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Bozan Barroso there. Matt and I were talking with President Kagame and I started to tell Matt Kagame’s story though it turned out Matt already knew it because I guess Ben Affleck is obsessed with it as well. John Krasinski was there and he and Matt and some of their friends shut the place down.
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