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Cinematheque tribute

  • The Cinematheque tribute to Matt airs on ABC tonight (Thursday) at 9pm. Here's a preview from David Wild at the Huffington Post, including:

    Still, I want to take this opportunity to draw your Huff Po attention towards what I believe to be an excellent hour of television airing Thursday night at 9PM on ABC called Hollywood Salutes Matt Damon: An American Cinematheque Tribute. I've been honored to work as a writer on these American Cinematheque Tributes for years alongside my friend Paul Flattery, one of the show's Executive Producers, as they have increasingly become that perfect combination of a loving tribute and a hilarious roast. This year's show -- airing for the first time on a major network -- is an entertaining salute to Matt Damon, an fine actor, screenwriter, philanthropist and as it turns out, one funny bastard.

    From there, it's noting but love and laughs from the star-studded likes of Robin Williams, Clint Eastwood (who KILLED), Casey Affleck, Don Cheadle, Charlize Theron, former faux flame Sarah Silverman, Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and last but not even close to least, Matt Damon, who gave every bit as good as he got. There are also taped bits here you won't want to miss from George Clooney, Ben Stiller and someone named Bill Clinton.

  • And another preview at

    "What can I say about Matt Damon that hasn't already been said about Brendan Fraser?" the always-sharp Jimmy Kimmel asks in his introduction. Damon, 39, offers a large target for what feels like a witty roast. He's ranged from action to comedy; he has an Oscar (for writing "Good Will Hunting" with Ben Affleck) and two acting nominations.

    Throw in clips and a serious glimpse of Damon's charity projects and you have a terrific hour.

  • As previously advised, Matt narrates the new documentary from Charles Ferguson titled Inside Job, which was the best reviewed film at Cannes (via Indiewire). Ferguson talked about why he chose Matt for the job in a video at Hollywood Elsewhere:

    Ferguson: He was somebody I didn’t know a lot about, and it’s not like I knew him personally, I had never met him. I had a sense and people had told me that he was an intelligent man who was interested in political and policy matters in an intelligent way to whom this might appeal and that proved to be totally true. He was also just great to work with, just a great guy. He was very astute and he took the time to read the transcript carefully, quite carefully, it was clear he read it thoroughly and understood every word and he had several very good suggestions that we incorporated in the film. So it was actually a very cool experience.

  • Photos of Matt and Lucy at the Pearl Jam concert in New York last Friday are here.
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