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  • True Grit wrapped in Austin, Texas, last Friday. Matt wasn't in Austin for the final days of filming, but great photos from the set are at Austin 360 and this blog. Update: Despite various sites reporting that filming had wrapped, filming appears to be continuing this week at a ranch near Lampasas, Texas.

  • Matt's tribute/roast at the American Cinematheque award show aired last Thursday. The full show is not available online (yet), but various clips are available - see the comments section in the last post for some clips. This article at the Daily Mail has some quotes and stills from the show.

  • Composer Kyle Eastwood (son of Clint) discussed swimming with sharks in South Africa with Matt at Times Online:

    For Invictus, we set up a studio in my dad’s hotel, a beautiful place called the Cape Grace, on the Cape Town waterfront. I didn’t get much free time, but one day Matt Damon came to me and said I absolutely had to take the day off to go cage-diving with sharks. I was apprehensive, for me and the sharks, but he had done it the day before and said he was going again. He was so wild-eyed and enthusiastic, I had to go along to see what had got him so worked up.

    So we go out in this boat and they churn the water, and time goes by. You get into a wetsuit, but not much happens. Then, after about 20 minutes, just when you are lulled into a false sense of security, wham, this monster comes by. Well, I thought the first one was a monster, then a second appears, 14ft or 15ft long, and I’m like, whoa! And Matt yells: “Get in the cage, quick!” What? Oh, okay. The actual cage is bolted to the boat, with most of it just below water level, so you basically just take a deep breath, jump in and hold your breath while these amazing creatures come right by, bumping the bars. As Matt said, it’s awesome, and I’m glad I did it. Once.

  • Happy Feet 2 will be released in 3D on 18 November 2011.

  • The Rounders screenwriters discussed the possible sequel at Cinematical:

    Cinematical: I also saw that you guys are potentially working on Rounders 2. Is that any sort of reality?
    Levien: Well, that was something that we've been talking about for a little while because all the guys who were in it, and John Dahl and everybody wants to do it. So it's just a question of figuring out, like, you know, Miramax obviously is no more. So it's sort of like a project without a studio.
    Koppelman: Yeah, we won't do it on the, I mean, we won't do it unless it's Matt [Damon] and Edward [Norton] and John Malkovich. And John Dahl.

    Cinematical: You wouldn't do a Port of Call New Orleans?
    Koppelman: We have to all decide that we think there's really an idea that's worthy of it.
    Levien: I mean, we got a way into the story, I think, in that we all started talking about it and then somehow, I think maybe Matt said something in an interview and that's how it became news or news fact. But it's something that we all want to do and hopefully will happen at some point.
    Koppelman: I mean, Matt's told us many times that that's the movie still that he gets stopped on the street about the most. Which is weird, because, you know, it only took $22 million at the box office. But I think every, every guy who's ever gone to college, at some point during those four years, watched that movie 15 times with his friends. And so we don't want to, you know, Bill Simmons, the sports guy, would kill us if we f*cked it up.

  • Matt may be involved with a music video to promote the World Cup in South Africa.
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