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Sightings, various

  • A photo of Matt and Isabella in NY late last month is being used to advertise golf clubs at Us magazine.

  • Sightings of Matt at restaurant Philippe and Locanda Verde with friends:

    Sighting: Matt Damon and wife Luciana being joined at Locanda Verde by Jason Bateman, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt...

  • From an interview with Casey Affleck at the Observer:

    A meditation on the crazy business of fame, perhaps, by someone who has watched it reach into the most intimate corners of his family and friends? "It's rare that you find someone who is famous for whom fame and their celebrity is not a big part of their life, for better or worse," said Mr. Affleck. He shook his head at some of the behavior he's witnessed, and pointed out the mysterious disparity in fan lunacy that has kept his friend Mr. Pitt from walking down the street since Thelma and Louise, but let Matt Damon-"great actor, lots of movies, big leading man”-go about his business unbothered.

  • Director Luca Guadagnino discused Matt in interviews at the Wall Street Journal and Time Out NY while promoting his new acclaimed film, I am love.

    Question: But for Swinton’s character, Emma, love is also about realizing who you are instead of who you have become.
    Guadagnino: Or who somebody has decided you should become. Like Jason Bourne: He doesn’t know who he is! I love Matt Damon. Can you print that? Matt Damon is such an amazing actor. I want to work with him.

    Food has been a lifelong obsession for Sicilian director Luca Guadagnino, both on-screen and off. As a teenager, he seriously considered entering a professional cooking school before deciding that working within the confines of a kitchen would be too much of a sacrifice for him. He is also especially eager to work with the "divine" Matt Damon.

    Ms. Swinton, who introduced the two at the Toronto Film Festival last year, said that Mr. Damon rendered her normally talkative friend star-struck and silent.

  • From an interview with Eddie Redmayne after his Tony win at

    Question: Let’s end with a very serious question: Who was the best film mother, Angelina Jolie [in The Good Shepherd] or Julianne Moore [in Savage Grace]?
    Redmayne: Oh man, there we go! As far as the films are concerned, there’s no question Julianne’s character is the worst mother who ever existed. Barbara Baekeland was an absolute tyrant. Julie came and saw the play the other day, and Matt Damon, who played my dad in The Good Shepherd, came with his lady wife the other night, so it’s been lovely to reconnect with them. Hmm, the best mother? Well, the reason I got cast in Savage Grace is because I have freckles and reddish tinge of hair, which was ideal for Julianne, and the reason I got cast in The Good Shepherd is because I have massive lips. So I have a lot to thank both Angie and Julie for!

  • Another Liberace update from Michael Douglas:

    In other movie news, Michael Douglas says the upcoming Liberace movie in which he stars as the late showman opposite Matt Damon as his lover will begin shooting next spring in Las Vegas. "Right now, I'm listening to CDs and watching DVDs of him," Douglas said at the AFI tribute to Mike Nichols.
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