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Green Zone released

  • Green Zone has been released on DVD and includes a commentary with Matt and Paul Greengrass, featurettes, and deleted scenes with a commentary with Matt, Paul and Paul's son - details here.

    Deleted scenes are offered with a video commentary by Damon, Greengrass and Kit Greengrass, Paul’s young son. Essentially, they’re watching the various deleted scenes (or, as Damon deadpans, “scenes that your Dad screwed up, kid.”) as Greengrass explains why they were cut… mainly for not pushing the story forward or not adding to the thriller pace.

    Damon comes across as a thoughtful actor who doesn’t mind passing on small details such as how he achieved Miller’s commanding voice by screaming himself hoarse each day of the shoot and learning the lingo from the extras. He obviously has a producer’s eye toward what works for maximum storytelling efficiency and he’s not one to fall in love with his own scenes just because he gave a good performance. Both he and Greengrass praise the collaborative process of filmmaking and each other… but don’t mind the mutual appreciation society feel of it, because that friendship is at the heart of their work thus far.

  • The Entourage Season 6 DVD has also been released, and includes the OneXOne spoof video and a cast commentary for Matt's episode.

  • Ben Affleck was interviewed at a LA Film Festival event, with another report here.

    He acknowledged Matt Damon's recent mega-success when he noted that early in his career, "I had a friend I went to school with" followed by a perfectly timed clearing of the throat. (He would also later say, "I don't worry about Matt's career any more than I worry about Nicholson's career.")

    After the two won the Oscar for screenwriting, Matt Damon took on more artsy projects, while Ben stuck to more mainstream features. While part of the reasoning is just that Affleck wasn’t offered the same roles as Damon, Affleck also mentions how he felt a need to consistently act and stay in work, so going with movies that were planning to make money was a good plan.

  • Jane Krakowski talked about Matt returning to 30 Rock:

    Thom in Louisville, Ky.: What a great finale 30 Rock delivered. Where are things picking up when it comes back?
    Things are picking up with a big ol' shman! OK, not right away, but according to the lovely Jane Krakowski, "Will Forte will be coming back as Jenna's shman." Liz Lemon is getting lucky in love, too! "I do believe Matt Damon is going to come back," Jane tells us. "He is scheduled to make some return appearances if we can work them around his schedule and availability." Woo to the hoo! Let's start a bridal registry for Liz Lemon now.

  • Another Rounders sequel update from CHUD.

  • A sighting at the NY Post, which is actually from 12 June.

    Sighting: Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana, making out while waiting on line for the bathroom at Polar Lounge in the Marcel Hotel, where they danced up a storm with John Krasinski and fiancee Emily Blunt.
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