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Matt Damon News Column
'We bought a zoo' announced
  • Although it was first announced in May, Matt is now officially in talks for We bought a zoo, to be directed by Cameron Crowe. Details are at The Playlist and The Hollywood Reporter. A January start date is expected.

    Matt Damon is in preliminary talks to star in 20th Century Fox's "We Bought a Zoo," Cameron Crowe's next directing project.

    Studio finalized Crowe's deal in May, dating the pic for Dec. 23, 2011.

    Based on Benjamin Mee's memoir, "Zoo" revolves around a widowed father who buys a dilapidated zoo in hopes of making a fresh start. He and his children, along with a small but loyal staff, work to get the zoo reopened.

    "Zoo" would mark a departure for Damon, who tends to make more dramatic or action -oriented thriller. "Zoo" with its blend of animals and heartstrings, may occupy similar terrain to Fox's 2008 "Marley & Me." And with the input of Crowe, making his first movie since 2005's "Elizabethtown," the movie could end up juggling light moments with drama like the helmer's "Jerry Maguire."

    Crowe rewrote the script, which was originally written by Aline Brosh McKenna ("The Devil Wears Prada").

  • The Dartmoor Zoo has its own Twitter page. A few pages from the script are available at a casting site. A video interview with Benjamin Mee is at Aint it cool news.

  • The 1GOAL PSA gets a new life with a Funny or die clip featuring Matt and Jessica Alba.
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    From: (Anonymous) Date: June 24th, 2010 12:00 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Clip and Zoo movie

    The PSA is hilarious -- although Matt's hair -- I'm not sure.

    The movie "Zoo" would be excellent -- big, big hopes for this one!!!
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: June 24th, 2010 12:47 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Clip and Zoo movie

    The Zoo project is promising, and it would certainly be fun to make. Breaks two of the key rules though - working with kids and animals. And the studio's trying to make it the next 'Marley and me' (down to the same release date), but the book isn't as well known and doesn't have the same built in market.

    The True Grit hair is concerning, but the whole look could be off-kilter. I think this is Matt on the True Grit set - from an unknown myspace page.

    Edited at 2010-06-24 12:50 pm (UTC)
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: June 25th, 2010 10:46 am (UTC) (Link)

    Auction prize at Piven Theatre Workshop benefit

    I've been asked to pass on this opportunity to meet Matt at an upcoming premiere.

    Are you a fan of Matt Damon living in the Chicago area?

    Then join Piven Theatre Workshop and hosts Jeremy Piven and Billy Dec at our annual benefit on June 26th at Rockit Bar and Grill (tickets at www.piventheatre.org) and bid on a great auction package featuring Matt Damon.

    One attendee will win two Tickets to an Upcoming Matt Damon Movie Premiere, including passes to the VIP After Party, and a meet & greet with Matt Damon! The winner and a guest will have tickets to attend one of these two exciting upcoming premieres in either Los Angeles or New York City: ADJUSTMENT BUREAU starring Matt Damon & Emily Blunt or HEREAFTER directed by Clint Eastwood. Premieres to take place in either Los Angeles or New York City within the coming year. Specific dates and locations TBA. Winner will be contacted with details when dates and locations are available.
    From: (Anonymous) Date: June 27th, 2010 03:51 pm (UTC) (Link)

    We bought a zoo

    Hmmm... feeling conflicted about this Cameron Crowe project. On the positive side, Matt did express an interest in family-type fare. And this casting would seem to indicate a willingness on Fox's part to let him range into different genres, which we know he likes to do. And the script excerpts are quite good. A lot of interesting emotional ups and downs there. Also Crowe has made some a couple of movies that are genuinely wonderful.

    But you're right about the potential downside of kids and animals, and no built-in audience. Can Crowe make this genuinely emotional without being false or overly sentimental? A tough balancing act. And there will inevitably be complaints about a 'yank' playing the character and his 'bad' accent (especially from people who haven't seen the movie - lol).

    Do you think Matt would shave his head?
    From: (Anonymous) Date: June 27th, 2010 05:48 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Re: We bought a zoo

    I think it will take a fine balance, but the trick is in the acting. Any good actor knows that you don't fight animals and children for attention; you let them illuminate you. The right radiant face or sorrowful eyes can be amplified by the presence of the actively innocent. Matt's the guy for that kind of acting--it takes great skill and an intuitive in-the-moment set of reactions. My only anxiety would be that people would come unconsciously expecting the Bourne personality. That could be the albatross in Matt's career.

    From: gachyy Date: June 29th, 2010 06:10 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Matt and Lucy

    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: June 30th, 2010 02:13 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Matt and Lucy

    And Gia (and probably the other girls not shown in these two photos).

    They're in LA for a week before the Vegas event on Saturday.

    Any guesses on where they would be off to next (with school finishing last week) - Hawaii or Lake Como?
    From: (Anonymous) Date: June 30th, 2010 04:39 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Matt and Lucy

    I hope they don't go to lake como at the mo to many paps about and Matt likes to keep his daughters away from that
    From: (Anonymous) Date: June 29th, 2010 08:09 pm (UTC) (Link)

    30 Rock - Finally

    Saw the 30 Rock finale at long last. A double episode treat. Loved it, Matt was fantastic! So funny, a gifted comic and looks just divine in a pilot's uniform. I nearly fell of my chair laughing at the end with him dancing with Liz. Cap on backwards doing the running man, superb!!!

    Now off to itunes to buy the episodes. Marcia
    From: (Anonymous) Date: June 29th, 2010 10:49 pm (UTC) (Link)

    Green Zone

    Green Zone was the top renting DVD this week :)
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: June 30th, 2010 02:14 am (UTC) (Link)

    Re: Green Zone

    And the majority of people seem to enjoy it. It's so political, but it is a well made and fast paced movie.
    mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: June 30th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC) (Link)

    Bill Clinton at Cinematheque tribute

    The video tribute to Matt from President Bill Clinton is now available on water.org's YouTube channel:

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