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  • Photos of Matt, Lucy and family leaving NY on Monday are at PopSugar.

  • A follow-up sighting (and a pregnancy update) from Us magazine, via Polar Lounge:

    Star Couples in US: Matt Damon and almost five months pregnant wife Luciana dancing at Polar Lounge in NYC. "He had his arm around her waist and kept grabbing her butt" a source said of Damon.

  • An excerpt from Emily Blunt's interview at Total Film about The Adjustment Bureau is here:

    Emily was thrilled to star alongside Matt.

    "It's a real experience; I've admired (him) for so long," she said.

    "The magic of the job is the camaraderie that you have on those film sets and the accelerated friendships."

  • Bill Clinton's video tribute to Matt at the Cinematheque Award is available at YouTube, courtesy of

  • Entourage producer Doug Ellin says he's in talks for Matt to come back this season.

    CNN: Congratulations on your seventh season. I know this season we will see some crazy stuff happening. I was just interviewing Adrian Grenier and asked him about guest stars. Can you give us a little bit more about who will be on the show?

    Ellin: Yeah, Mike Tyson and Jessica Simpson. I mean we have so many people I hate to leave anyone out. People that are coming this week are Eminem, John Cleese and Drew Brees. I haven't talked to him yet but he's supposedly in. I'm talking to Matt Damon to get him back from last year. We got some good people.

  • Kellan Lutz continues to talk up Matt (perhaps as an early campaign for the Bourne movie) at Now Toronto:

    He mentions Matt Damon among the group of actors he admires and hopes to emulate.

    "Jason Statham’s awesome, but Damon's the action guy who gets hurt," he says. "He can do a comedy or drama – he was amazing in Invictus. He’s always mixing it up."

  • Journalist Barry Koltnow also talked up Matt as the movie star he would like to be at MSNBC.

    I think I'd rather be more like Matt Damon.

    This isn't a man-crush, but a tip of the proverbial hat to a career that I admire. Not only did he win an early Oscar for co-writing "Good Will Hunting" with pal Ben Affleck (not even Leonardo has an Oscar), but he now attracts the best scripts and directors. He is generally well-thought-of in the movie business, and he could have a supermodel girlfriend if he so desired, and was not happily married.

    More important, he has a terrific, self-deprecating attitude toward his own stardom. While he has no problem cashing the substantial checks for his serious work, he also has no problem poking fun at himself, as evidenced by his cameo (with Affleck) in Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" or his hysterical video with Sarah Silverman taunting Jimmy Kimmel. Damon has fun with his celebrity, and that's why I believe I'd like to be a movie star like him.

  • Green Zone topped the rental charts in its first week and was second in DVD sales.
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