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NY Post item

  • A fact-challenged item from Cindy Adams at the NY Post.

    Operation Pope has devoted fans. Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon were in a downtown loft. The office is called BlueShirts. It's owned by Marc Baron. They were expecting Jack Nicholson, and they were discussing makeup, scripts, the etceteras of preproduction on a movie to be titled "The Repentant" that is based on a book called "The Inferno." This pair whom most people stop everything to look at had themselves stopped everything to look at the papal ceremonies. Like anyone else who might be in a bar or somebody's living room, the twosome and crew were hanging in front of the telly, just like us.

  • There's a rumor/story in the upcoming issue of Us Weekly, reported on E News today, that Matt and Lucy are engaged.
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