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True Grit, Margaret

  • Jeff Bridges discussed True Grit with MTV:

    Bridges' non-"Lebowski" reunion with Joel and Ethan Coen, "True Grit," is in post-production and scheduled for a December release. Bridges stars opposite Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Barry Pepper in a remake of sorts of the 1969 Western that became synonymous with the great John Wayne.

    "I hope it's going to be a great Western," Bridges told MTV News.

    "You've got the Coen brothers — master filmmakers — doing a Western for the first time, something they were really excited about," he continued. "To be a part of that was great. It's based on a great book by the same title, 'True Grit.' They are really basing the movie on the book, as opposed to the John Wayne [film]."

  • Margaret may finally be released in 2011 - an update from The Playlist, with the original report at Indiewire.

    Fox Searchlight states: "we do have a finished cut by Lonergan and we plan to release the film sometime in 2011."

  • From an article about NZ entertainment reporter Kate Rodger at the Sunday Star Times:

    Rodger, who has schmoozed many a Hollywood star on the red carpet, says her favourite interview subject is Matt Damon: "Even after three interviews he still does everything he can in whatever short timeframe we have to give me as much as he can - he's a total gentleman."

  • From an interview with Entourage actor Rex Lee at the Herald-Sun:

    There have been a lot of fantastic guest stars in Entourage over the years. Who has been your favourite?
    Lee: Matt Damon was amazing. I didn't have any scenes with him or meet him but when I saw it on the air I thought, "wow, he puts us all to shame he is so amazing".

  • Matt is now back in Hawaii after a quick trip to Boston.
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