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True Grit, various

  • The Lampasas Dispatch Record has a few articles on True Grit filming in the Lampasas, Texas, area a few months ago. This article features a local extra, this article discusses filming on a local ranch, and in this article, a local shopowner discusses serving Matt flowers.

    Through acquaintances and the Texas Film Commission, the area landowners researched the logistical details of hosting a movie set before agreeing to open their property to moviemakers. Preparation of the filming site by the Colorado River — which included relocating cattle and horses, working on roads, and clearing some trees and brush to make the terrain match the movie scene’s bare, wintry setting — began at the end of April. Crew members built most of their props for the movie scene at the ranch.

    The scene — likely to be featured early in the movie and to last between 90 seconds and five minutes — depicts a teenage girl, Mattie Ross (played by Hailee Steinfeld), swimming the Arkansas River on her horse to catch up to U.S. Marshal Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) and a Texas Ranger named LeBoef (Matt Damon). The lawmen are pursuing Mattie’s father’s killer, who fled into the Indian Territory.

  • A People sighting from 31 July.

    Matt Damon and pregnant wife Luciana, ordering takeout from Bubba's Burger in Hanalei, Hawaii. As they waited for their meal, Damon signed several autographs. People noticed the actor and his wife, who looked tan and relaxed, though many didn't bother him.

  • is being featured on CNN's Impact your world series this week.

  • Jerry Bruckheimer has told Empire magazine that he wants to work with Matt.

  • Matt and his family are continuing their vacation in Hawaii, and have now been joined by Don Cheadle.
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