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Film stills and previews, 30 Rock

  • The first still from Hereafter has been released at EW, which also has quotes from Matt and the first still from True Grit. Details from The Playlist:

    Speaking with magazine, Eastwood himself seems to play down the initial assumptions about the film saying, "I like to think of it as my chick flick. But one that men will like too. Or at least one that won't make them want to stick a Swiss Army knife in their leg." While the film's star, Matt Damon says the picture will have a bit of an international flavor revealing that, "Clint called it his French film. It's got that kind of vibe to it."

    Damon had to almost drop out because of scheduling conflicts with "The Adjustment Bureau" and went so far as to email Eastwood telling him he couldn't do it and suggesting Christian Bale, Josh Brolin and Casey Affleck instead, but Eastwood tailored the shoot for Damon so he could shoot his scenes at the end.

    True Grit
    "I've never even seen the original," Matt Damon told EW. "The only reason I know I'm playing Glenn Campbell's old part is that people keep asking me if I'm going to be singing in the movie. But our movie is totally different. Joel & Ethan just stumbled upon the book and were like, 'Oh God, this is terrific. The dialogue is just fantastic!'"

  • Meanwhile, effects work on Hereafter should now be finished, and Patrick Goldstein at the LA Times saw an early screening:

    On Tuesday, I caught an early screening of Clint Eastwood’s upcoming film, “Hereafter,” and though it’s too early for a mini-review, let’s just say that Eastwood, who turned 80 this year, is still The Man when it comes to making movies, showing off a range and depth that puts him right up there with John Huston, Robert Altman and the other great old masters from past ages.

  • Cast member Katrina Bowden says Matt will be returning to 30 Rock - from In Touch:

    He may look his hunky best as an action hero, but Matt Damon was adorable as Tina Fey’s bumbling love interest on 30 Rock’s fourth season finale - and according to cast member Katrina Bowden, the actor will return to his role on the hit sitcom. “We don’t know what all of the surprises are going to be, but I can tell you that Matt Damon is coming back this season for some appearances,” the gorgeous Katrina said at the AXE Lounge in Southampton, N.Y., on August 7. It looks like Tina’s unlucky-in-love Liz Lemon may finally find her match in Matt’s goofy airline pilot, Carol. Catch 30 Rock’s fifth season premiere September 23 on NBC.

  • Dartmoor Zoological Park is in danger of folding before the film We bought a zoo goes into production - details at The Sun.
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