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True Grit trailer, various

  • The teaser trailer for True Grit has been released and is available at the official site. Screen caps of Matt from the trailer are at Awards Daily. An early comment on the movie was posted by Greg at HitFix.

    A fellow journalist recently told this pundit he'd heard from a good source it was a "rollicking adventure," but that seemed like insider spin considering the darker elements in the story and the Coens' involvement. Watching the new preview, there are certainly sequences that look like an epic chase, but make no mistake, this is the Coens' in revenge mode -- through the eyes of their underage heroine.

  • Hereafter will be previewed in NY, LA and Toronto the weekend prior to its release, according to The Wrap. The poster for Hereafter is available at the official site.

  • More photos of Matt with his father and friends at the Sean McDonough Foundation event in Boston are at the Boston Globe and photographer Bill Brett's site.

  • Matt has narrated a new video for the US State Department titled 1,000 Days: Change the life, change the future.

  • A recent sighting from My Upper West:

    Also recently spotted in the neighborhood was not one, but two A-listers. A friend of My Upper West tipster Keira bumped into Chris Rock and Matt Damon last week. The pair, who were walking in the vicinity of 74th and Columbus around lunchtime last Wednesday, said that they were in the neighborhood to "see a friend." In our imagination, the friend is a third and totally random A-lister, like Halle Berry or Javier Bardem.

  • Matt is praised by Adjustment Bureau director George Nolfi in the new Empire - from here:

    Matt Damon is the “best the world has” at playing smart characters, says George Nolfi.

    “Matt was the first actor who came to mind. He’s just the best the world has to offer at playing an everyman who is very smart,” explained George in an interview with Empire magazine.

    “You’ve got to believe this guy could be President, and has the wherewithal to fight and beat Faith,” he added.

  • A few quotes from recent interviews with Ben Affleck: from here and The Times.

    Q: And the relation with Matt Damon, it changed in something since both they became parents?

    Ben: Matt was at the opening of The Town in Toronto. And I would have loved to go to see his film, but I had other commitments in New York. He had already seen several cuts of my film, and given me very good advice. And I believe that Matt will be an excellent director. But, we remain good friends, and we have a production company together at Warner Bros.

    Another movie with Damon has been floated, but the problem these days, he says, is prising his pal away from 'the great legends of cinema'. "I have to somehow squeeze in between people like the Coen Brothers and Clint Eastwood," he says.

  • From the LA Times review of 30 Rock's season premiere:

    But seriously, why wouldn’t she want a relationship with Carol? He’s darn-near perfect, by which I mean “a male version of Liz.” He loves “The Barefoot Contessa,” sweater weather, Muppets at awards; he hates Geico’s unorthodox branding tactics; and he’d rather wear a shirt made of Liz’s pubic hair than be single for the rest of his life. If that's not devotion, I don't know what is.

    Oh and, in case you didn't catch it, Liz tells Carol, “See you on October 14th.” The next time Carol's back in town is -- no coincidence here -- the same day that “30 Rock” will be broadcast live. You've got to hand it to Matt Damon, who could have breezed in for an afternoon, muttered a few self-deprecating lines and earned his "funny" badge, and gone back to making blockbuster action movies. Instead, he's signed up for the Tour de France of guest spots.

    Matt, I love you like it's 1998.
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