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  • The full length trailer for True Grit is now available.

  • It has been announced that Tony Gilroy will director Bourne 4, to be called The Bourne Legacy. There is no word yet as to whether Matt will be involved. Mike Fleming at, who broke the news, claims Matt would 'be crazy to give up his franchise character and a huge paycheck' while The Wrap claims the sequel is unnecesary and 'leaving the franchise would be the best thing Damon could do for his career.'

  • Confirming earlier reports from TIFF, Thomas Haden Church has been cast in We bought a zoo, which is due to start filming in LA in January. Amy Adams may also join the cast.

  • Meanwhile, more details about the filming of Contagion in Chicago are available from Before the trailer and here.

  • A great review of Hereafter from Sasha Stone is at Awards Daily. WB will campaign for Matt in the category of Best Actor for Hereafter, which will not clash with Paramount's campaign for Best Supporting Actor for True Grit - from EW.

  • Details of the live episode of 30 Rock are from The Girlie Show.

    Episode 504: Live Show
    On show night, Liz Lemon grows increasingly infuriated when no one seems to remember that it’s her 40th birthday. Just before the taping, Tracy Jordan becomes convinced that nothing is funnier than a performer laughing and breaking character, which he elects to do all night, much to Jenna Maroney’s chagrin. Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy struggles with the consequences of his promise to give up drinking while Avery is pregnant.
    Also starring: Matt Damon, Jon Hamm, Cheyenne Jackson
    Air Date: October 14, 2010 (8:30 for the East Coast and 11:30 for the West Coast)

  • Matt attended the New York Film Festival premiere of Inside Job last Friday. Photos from Zimbio. Director Charles Ferguson (pictured with Matt below) talked about working with Matt here:

    How did [narrator] Matt Damon get involved?

    Ferguson: Two ways. We asked him, and he said yes. He was the only person we asked; we thought he would be better than anyone else we could imagine. So why did he like him? He’s someone whose voice and character are well known obviously, and he’s known to have political concerns in an intelligent way. And why did he say yes? I had no idea this was the case. He had seen my first film. He had made a thriller action film called Green Zone set in Iraq and while he was preparing for that role, he saw my documentary on the occupation of Iraq and clearly liked it. So when he saw our and my name on the request he was thrilled, and turned out to be absolutely great, not just for the narration.

    He had clearly read the transcript of the entire film quite carefully, and had made a number of intelligent suggestions about the precise places that we ourselves had regarded as problematic. And we had this very quirky convoluted ending, and the one you see in the film owes quite a lot to his suggestions and discussions on the film. And needless to say, the total budget of this film is less than $2 million, and he worked for substantially less than his normal wage.
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