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Gulager interview

  • An interview with Project Greenlight's season 3 director, John Gulager, is at goldenfiddle, including a few references to Matt.

    Last night, during commercial breaks and directly following the group-hug episode of Project Greenlight, Goldenfiddle spoke briefly, via telephone, with a slighty inebriated John Gulager, the contest winner/director of Feast the movie that Matt (Damon) and Ben (Affleck) are helping to happen this third season), who was in New York City taking a meeting with the aforementioned Matt (Damon) and trying to sneak onto the set of Martin Scorsese’s new mob epic, The Departed.

    FIDDLE: When you were first oh-so-awkwardly interviewed on Project Greenlight by the producers and Wes Craven, and you brought out that great, ghoulish, bloody-red painting and said, ‘this is how the movie should look,’ well, it didn’t look promising. But after seeing scenes like the one in which Krista Allen is covered in blood and the one where Judah Friedlander is hosed down with monster vomit, it actually looks exactly like the painting. I guess you did have a clear-cut vision from the start.

    GULAGER: Matt (Damon) said something just like that. He said, ‘they thought you were totally nuts when you brought that painting out, but now they totally see it!’

    GULAGER: ...And casting, most of your directing, most of your film is done in the casting. I talked to Matt (Damon) one day, and he said, 'if the director’s talking to you a lot, things aren’t going so well. They cast you because they want you.'

  • Amanda Peet talked about her Syriana co-star Matt in a People interview:

    Matt's surprisingly silly. He would refer to me as his opponent. When the director would give him an adjustment, which was rare, he would say in this arch, English accent, "And what? You have nothing for my opponent?"
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