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True Grit photos, interviews

  • Two new articles at USA Today include new stills from True Grit: here.

  • In an interview at the Chicago Sun Times Matt said he hasn't yet seen True Grit.

    It was a different experience working with the Coen brothers in the remake of “True Grit,” which also stars Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges.

    “I’m dying to see that movie,” Damon says. “I just looped a tiny bit of it last week and I asked the Coen brothers, ‘Can I see it.’ They said, ‘No.’

    “They said, ‘We’ll deliver the film around Thanksgiving.’ I said, ‘So when I can see it?’ They said, ‘Around Thanksgiving.’”

    “I look at a year like this one for me and have to pause for a moment and take it all in,” Damon says. “It reminds me of what I said when Ben and I won an Oscar for ‘Good Will Hunting.’ I still think that I’m the guy who won the lottery.”

  • Another interview is at the Toronto Sun:

    His Hereafter co-star, Bryce Dallas Howard, says that trustworthy element is due to the honesty of Damon's performances. "He's revealing his feelings. He's so truthful. He's such a truthful actor that you completely believe where he's at, or what he's facing. You just completely believe him, and because you don't feel any artifice in the performance, you just go there as an audience."

    That lack of artifice defines Damon on-screen and off. Funny and friendly in person, Damon makes it easy to see why he is a particular favourite of movie crews and a generally popular guy in his industry. When he was in Toronto during the film festival to promote Hereafter (and continue his charitable work), the actor praised his director and the Hereafter script, which was written by playwright Peter Morgan, rather than talk about his own performance.

  • From an interview with co-star Jay Mohr:

    In the movie, you play Matt Damon's brother. Was that tough to portray?
    Mohr: I think that me being from New Jersey and Damon being from Boston, we were similar enough. We both have an East Coast sensibility. We just knocked on each other's trailer doors and spoke for a little while and realized we were cut from the same cloth. I agree, though, that Matt Damon got the looks. Heck yeah, that's Jason Bourne. I was Gary Brooks. That's a big dropoff.
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