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  • Matt discussed family, films and his personal celebrity capital in an interview at The Inquirer:

    Matt does find time, however, for his causes, like Not On Our Watch, which seeks to end atrocities throughout the globe, and, which supplies safe drinking water to developing countries.

    “You have a limited amount of celebrity capital,” he declared. “You use it for something that matters to you. I’m very careful. I don’t do commercials. As Steve Jobs said about a brand, you’re always making a deposit or withdrawal. If I started selling shampoo, I’d be making pretty significant withdrawals. I’d rather spend that energy or capital on advocacies that bring clean water to people.”

    He loved being directed by Joel and Ethan Coen in their much-anticipated remake of the classic western, “True Grit.”

    “To go from Clint to the Coens, that’s heaven,” he exulted. “I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I expect it to be great, because the script and the Coens’ storyboards were incredible. Jeff Bridges is playing the John Wayne role. He and Josh Brolin were great to work with. This girl, Hailee Steinfeld, is amazing! She’s like an old soul.”

  • Photos of Matt and Isabella in NY on Thursday are at PopSugar and Celebrity Baby Scoop.

  • More photos and videos from the OneXOne event are at here, PopSugar and the WSJ.

  • Matt and Paul Farmer's interview on CNN's Connect the world is here.
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