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True Grit, interview

  • True Grit will now be released on 22 December. Matt talks about his role in the film in the new issue of Empire:

    By his own admission, Damon's turn in True Grit, as Texas Ranger La Beouf, is "a supporting role", which gave the first-time Coen collaborator plenty of chance to cast a (semi) critical eye over the co-directors' remake/reimagining of Hathaway's 1969 Western. And, lo, it's dead good. "It's just a brilliant adaptation," enthuses Damon. "They change stuff to make a two-hour film out of it, but retain so much of the dialogue, and Charles Portis - who is still alive - has an ear for the way people talk. It's a really special script."

    Portis also brought a comic touch to his tales of the old West. It's humour that Damon's ranger will channel amid all the Old Testament-style retribution as 14 year-old Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) enlists Cogburn's (Jeff Bridges) help to track down his father's killer.

    As he explains to Empire, Damon found a surprising inspiration for his character: "We had all worked with Tommy Lee Jones, who is from near where my character is from, in Texas. And Tommy is a really smart guy - I could just sit and listen to him talk. So I played my character like Tommy Lee Jones. He likes to hold court like Tommy Lee, but La Beouf is a windbag - a total jackass..."

  • A list of actresses in contention for the lead role in We Bought a Zoo is at Deadline. The Playlist is reporting a new start date of March 2011.

    Deadline now report that four actresses are actually in the race for that particular role with Scarlett Johansson an apparent leader, [Amy] Adams still in contention, but now joined by two other possibles, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Rachel McAdams.

  • In an interview with the international media just three days after Stella's birth, Matt talked about how his career ambitions have changed at Le Matin (translation below):

    Your acting career must seem far away at times like today?
    My career has never been a priority since I’ve been a father. I love my job and I'm happy to be offered projects, but I think twice before accepting a shoot that takes me away from New York.

  • Matt says he cares less about his career, but does he still remember the rating for each movie? From a presentation with USA Today film critic Claudia Puig and her daughter Danielle:

    Claudia has had 10 years of experience regarding the film world. She is an acclaimed writer, whose opinions are highly sought and read by millions, as well as an exceedingly bright and astute speaker. She has received much praise from actors, directors, and filmmakers alike. "Matt Damon remembers me from right after he was first nominated," Puig says. "He's a smart guy, remembers where he was when he spoke to me, how many stars I gave him for the second Bourne movie. He said to a colleague of mine once to say hi to Claudia," Puig says.

    Danielle is constantly bragging about her mom. She is always telling friends whom her mom is interviewing, and what celebrities remember her. "Matt Damon is obsessed with her. He always remembers the exact star count," Danielle adds.

  • Photos of Matt, Lucy and family in New York on Monday are at PopSugar and People.
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