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We bought a zoo casting, Men's Journal interview

  • Scarlett Johansson has been cast in We bought a zoo, although her role as either Matt's wife (seen in flashbacks) or a zookeeper is unknown.

  • Press notes for Hereafter are available here - comments below are from producers Kathleen Kennedy and Robert Lorenz.

    "I think Matt is emerging as one of the most important actors that we've had in a long time, when you look at the body of work and the array of roles that he's taken on", Kennedy comments. "And one of the reasons he loves working with Clint is that there is always going to be something that he can learn from him in terms of acting or directing".

    Lorenz says Howard brought the character's vulnerability to life: "Bryce has a youthful charm and spirit that was perfect for Melanie in so many ways. And her chemistry with Matt was very strong, which we all saw in their first scene together in the cooking class."

  • A limited release water bottle, part-designed by Matt's brother Kyle and his wife Lori, and signed by Matt, is available at ebay to benefit

    The bottle's design, courtesy of the collaborative effort of Kyle Damon, his wife Lori, and the talent of designer Elissa Traher of Traher Design, and artist, Jane Dixon, evokes a sense of hope, a calming playfulness, and the transformative power of having safe water.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow discussed her role in Contagion at CNN. Matt will film his scenes in Chicago after Thanksgiving.

    A: So you are here in Hong Kong shooting the movie Contagion, which is directed by Steven Soderbergh and it's just bursting at the seams with A-listers-Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law... did it take much convincing to get you on board?

    G: Not so much. No, not at all actually. I mean I've always wanted to work with Steven Soderbergh. I think he is an incredible director, a really gifted guy. I mean, it gave me the chance to come to Hong Kong and I've never been here before. And then I get to reunite with my old friend Matt Damon in Chicago when we shoot a bit in November. It's a dream job-quick, good, in and out, done.

  • More quotes from the Men's Journal interview with Matt and Clint Eastwood are below.

    [On Matt and Clint] They have personal lives, but they rarely discuss them, certainly not with strangers holding notebooks... No, what links him to Damon, Eastwood says - paying himself and his apprentence perhaps the highest compliment he knows - is that they're "the most efficient guys in the world."

    As for Matt Damon, who missed those [golden age of Hollywood] days entirely, Eastwood's rought-and-ready method is a source of gratitude. It allows him to show his best stuff right away and not "fuck it up by thinking too much." And it shortens his workdays so he can make it home on time. He's a family man, Damon, according, to Morgan Freeman, who co-starred with him on Invictus, and his life off the set is what sustains him.

    "You get a feeling about somebody", Eastwood says of his young buddy, whose face begins to open up like a sunflower when he senses praise is on the way, "that they're the kind of person just likes to stand and deliver. And he is." For Eastwood, Damon resembles Cagney, a can-do performer who cut the "intellectualizing" and "planted his feet and told the truth" instead.

    "Cagney had great influence on me. On Dirty Harry. He had tremendous nerve. All those guys did. They weren't afraid. They weren't trying to be glamour guys." With a nod of the head he implies that he considers Damon a member of this lineage.

    "They share this bond," Lorenz says, "of both having been big action stars. There's just kind of an understanding about how unique their lives are. On the set it would tend to get a little crazy because they'd just show up and start telling stories. They recognize the absurdity of it all."
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