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Matt dissed by Lau, HK media

  • After less than a week of filming of The Departed, the Hong Kong media and actor Andy Lau have already criticised Matt's look in the film. Lau played Matt's character in the original version. As reported at Andy Lau Sounds from local media sources:

    Directed by Martin Scorsese, The Departed (Hollywood's version of Infernal Affairs) had started shooting, with Leonardo DiCaprio as Tony Leung's Yan and Matt Damon as Andy Lau's Ming. Similiarly donning western suit but Matt Damon looks fatter and doesn't look as smart as Andy.

    When interviewed by Metro Radio yesterday, Andy was asked if he feel that Matt Damon had make the character Ming look ugly? Andy doesn't think so as he says: "He looks okay, maybe the director asked him to put on weight, anyway it's okay if it doesn't affect the movie. Infernal Affairs was based in Hong Kong with the addition of Buddhism favours, I do wanted to watch how Martin Scorsese handles the religion issues, heaven become hell but there are many levels in hell. However, I've confidence in Scorsese, you will know after watching Gangs of New York, even Kung Fu Hustle copied some scenes and camera angles."

  • The above site also discussed the shooting of one scene and included a synopsis:

    On the location shooting set, Leonardo DiCaprio whom will be playing Tony Leung's role wore a hat to cover his face whereas Matt Damon appeared more steady as he walks wearing his police gun and badge. Actress Nelie Sciutto was also present at the set.

    The script was written by The Kingdom of Heaven's William Monahan, the blueprint of the story was from Infernal Affairs but there are some differences from the original. The story was set in America's Boston, narrating the battle between triads and police, Matt Damon was a triad member whom get into the police school and his career took off after graduation. On the other side, Leonardo DiCaprio was a policeman whom become a mole in the triad but that kind of lifestyle disrupt his mental state as he become inbalance in good and evil.
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