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Contagion, Adjustment Bureau

  • Matt has started filming Contagion in Chicago. A report and photo is at

  • The first poster for Adjustment Bureau has been released.

  • In Variety's 'Actors on Actors' series, Matt has praised the performance of Joaquin Phoenix in I'm Still Here.

    "The great performance that's going to be overlooked is Joaquin Phoenix in 'I'm Still Here.' That term 'brave performance' or 'courageous performance' -- I've never really believed in it. What's a brave performance? Give me a break. But that performance is brave because he really risked his actual career and his own image. He'd worked really hard to have the image of a conscientious, terrific young actor and he absolutely threw that away just for this performance. I think it's an incredible thing. I've never seen another actor do that. Ever.

    I know him and he's a very shy guy and a very humble guy. So to see this outrageous thing that he did -- I was just blown away by it."

  • Matt's filmed a promotion for at AOL. Another report is at the NY Post.

  • Matt discussed his hectic family life in this German interview. Photos of Matt, Isabella and Gia on Thanksgiving are at these French sites: Premiere, Dontmiss and Pure People.
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