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  • The video of Matt's interview on the CBS program Sunday Morning is available here, with the text available here. The video includes some photos of young Matt (one below).

  • Cindy Adams on Matt's Christmas plans:

    Matt Damon's Christmas: "My plan is, I'm going to do nothing. My idea for the holiday is to relax totally. My wife, our kids and our little baby who's only 9 weeks, we're all going to Florida. The game plan is to take it easy."

  • From an interview with Colin Farrell:

    And the father-of-two revealed that watching an interview with fellow Hollywood star Matt Damon had helped end his place as a permanent fixture on the gossip pages.

    “He said something very simple but very clever: ‘Why would people want to go to the cinema and pay $10 if they’re already bombarded by images of me?’”

  • Miramax has announced plans to fast-track a sequel to Rounders:

    The indie film mogul [Weinstein] said he would approach original actors, writers and directors for every film, but the only actors he had had discussions with already were "Rounders" stars Matt Damon and Edward Norton.

  • A fun interview is at Fox Philly, where Matt discusses family life and baseball. An extended interview about True Grit is at Access Hollywood.

  • From an article at MTV on the Golden Globes snub for Matt and True Grit.

    Matt Damon, "True Grit"
    It's about time that Matt Damon got some attention for his work as an actor. With an Oscar already under his belt for his writing work on "Good Will Hunting," Damon should be able to lasso in at least a nomination for his role as LaBoeuf in "True Grit." Although Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges are getting more recognition for their work in the film, Damon's turn as a dedicated Texas ranger was one of the most enjoyable performances of the year, no question.
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