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Matt Damon News Column
LA Times interview
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mattdamoncolumn From: mattdamoncolumn Date: December 26th, 2010 10:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

True Grit box office

True Grit made approximately $36.8 million for the five day weekend:


Second place went to the critical winner of the weekend, the Coen brothers' remake/adaptation of True Grit. The critically-acclaimed Jeff Bridges/Matt Damon/Hailee Steinfeld western scored a dynamite $25.6 million over three days and $36.8 million over five days. This is the biggest opening weekend ever for a traditional western, far eclipsing the normal $14-$17 million openings for westerns like 3:10 to Yuma, Open Range, Unforgiven, and Maverick. This is also easily the biggest Coen brothers opening weekend ever, surpassing the $19 million opening of Burn After Reading. It's already $1 million away from the $39 million total gross of Intolerable Cruelty (their fourth-biggest hit) and should surpass Burn After Reading's $60 million gross by the end of next weekend and the $74 million gross of No Country For Old Men a week or two after that.

$100 million is a strong likelihood for the $38 million-budgeted western, especially with the film appearing on many a best-of-2010 list (not mine, but that's another story). The film scored a B+ from Cinemascore, with an A- from the under-25 crowd. It played 65% male and 70% over 30. This is a huge win for everyone (the Coens, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, surefire Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld). Jeff Bridges just scored his second and third biggest opening weekends ever over the last two weeks, and if True Grit can out-gross Seabiscuit ($120 million), then Bridges will have his second and third-highest grossing films ever in a five day span. While we may bemoan the famously idiosyncratic filmmakers tackling a somewhat generic genre piece, it's a rock-solid piece of big studio entertainment and pays for at least a couple more personal projects like A Serious Man.
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