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Critics Choice Awards, interviews

  • Matt will receive the Joel Siegel Award at today's Critics Choice Awards. The award will be presented by Jimmy Kimmel and Emily Blunt.

  • Matt was interviewed at the Independent.

    "I'm working on enjoying the present. Seriously, I feel like my whole life I've been looking into the future. I keep getting hit now with the fact that life is so wonderful that I want to enjoy it. It goes by so fast."

  • Other new interviews are at Deadline and a Spanish magazine.

    You play a guy who wants to be normal. Do you also have that feeling?
    No, I have luck. When I go home, I have a wonderful wife and children waiting for me. Sometimes, the celebrity interferes in my life, but I'm lucky because I can walk down the street without being bothered by people stopping myself or my children.

    DEADLINE: You’ve also done more than your fair share of horseriding in movies.
    DAMON: We had the same wranglers that we had on All the Pretty Horses. I was really comfortable with those guys. On that movie, I’d gone down really early just to work with the horses. I don’t know how 10 years got by me without doing any riding.

  • The official site for The Adjustment Bureau has been updated and looks great.

  • Hailee Steinfeld talks about Matt bringing Gia to the set of True Grit, and Matt talks more about his look in the film.
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