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Critics Choice Awards

  • Matt received the Joel Siegel Award for community service at the Critics Choice (Broadcast Film Critics) Awards in Los Angeles on Friday. Matt attended not with Lucy but colleagues. Photos of Matt at the show with Emily Blunt, Elle Fanning (co-star in We bought a zoo), Ben Affleck, Jeff Bridges, Christian Bale and Hailee Steinfeld are at Zimbio. Reports and photos are at MTV, including video of the presentation by Emily and Jimmy Kimmel, PopSugar, Anne Thompson's column, and E online.

    Fabulously, Emily Blunt joined forces (or opposed forces, really) with Jimmy Kimmel to present Matt Damon with the fourth annual Joel Siegel Award for Service to the Community for cofounding, which provides safe drinking water to children in impoverished areas.

    "Isn't he great everybody? Matt Damon, the greatest guy in the world," Kimmel said, outraged. "You know, Sean Penn is actually in Haiti right now, carrying things...[Damon's] sitting there with makeup on. Have another Evian,!"

    "You stop it!" he told Blunt. "I'm sick of him getting awards! Do you know how much water he wasted during that shower scene in School Ties?"

    "Jimmy, I have no idea why you're here," Damon said. And so Kimmel turned on his heel and was on his way.

    After Steinfeld won the young star award, Elle Fanning made her way over to the True Grit table to greet shaggy-haired Matt Damon, in a grey suit, who was given the Joel Siegel humanitarian award, presented by his Adjustment Bureau co-star Emily Blunt and a very skeptical Jimmy Kimmel.

    Afterward, Sorkin congratulated Seidler. Ben Affleck came over to Damon.

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