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Adjustment Bureau press

  • The press junket for The Adjustment Bureau has started in New York. In Matt's interview with Access Hollywood he said the filming of Liberace has been postponed until June 2012, and that last Thursday's episode of 30 Rock would be his final appearance. Four separate interview clips with Matt and Emily Blunt are at the Access Hollywood site. There's also a fun joint interview with Matt and Emily at Extra.

    As for her handsome co-star, Matt Damon, Emily said working with the Academy Award-winner was nothing short of “amazing.”

    “[Matt] is the worst guy ever,” Emily said, jokingly. “He’s actually Captain Delightful! He is the coolest guy and my friend and I just love him. He was amazing to work with and we laughed so hard and I think that really makes the experience.”

    Emily wasn’t the only one who found Matt mesmerizing – his star power distracted the film’s background actors as well.

    “Most of the time there was a guy on the loudspeaker yelling, ‘Do not look at Matt Damon!’ because all the extras were just staring at him,” she laughed. “When they meet Matt, he’s a massive movie star. I feel like I see people’s brains melting when they see him!”

  • Electronic press clip videos for The Adjustment Bureau are available at Trailer Addict, including B-roll footage, interviews with cast and crew (including praise for Matt from Terence Stamp and John Slattery), and more clips from the film. A quote from producer Chris Moore:

    Chris Moore: "Matt is truly one of the most authentic people you will meet, period. And I think today that’s pretty rare. He’s not hiding anything, he’s got no other agenda, he wants the movie to be good, he wants to do a good job, he really believes in the people he signs up to work with and he’s going to be a good collaborator with them."

  • From an interview with Matt for True Grit, with a longer version available here, and a video version here:

    Q: Did you take your children on to the set for True Grit?
    A: I took Gia on set and she was totally cool. She wasn’t quite two years old at the time and for her it was all about the horses. I wasn’t working so much that day – they were doing the scene where Rooster says ‘fill your hands, you son of a bitch...’ So I wasn’t needed for a few hours as Barry (Pepper, who plays Lucky Ned Pepper) and Jeff were doing their thing. Barry’s horse was called Topper and Gia was initially a little afraid – so she went from being scared to interested to fascinated and then suddenly, she was sitting on Topper’s back. And literally, for months afterwards every horse she saw was Topper. It was really cool.

  • From a review of True Grit at the Guardian:

    So where's the advantage of another True Grit?

    The answer, I think, lies in the revitalised figure of LaBoeuf, excellently played by Matt Damon. At first glance, this True Grit does not have the warmth of John Wayne's unselfconscious, roistering turn. But this is partly because the Coens have transferred some of this warmth to the third figure in the film.

    In 1969, it was all about Mattie and Rooster's comic father-daughter relationship and LaBoeuf was a minor figure. Now it is an emotional triangle, and Damon gives a really outstanding performance as the prickly Texan Ranger, unsure whether to dislike Mattie or fall in love with her, and whose relationship with Mattie finally becomes poignant and tender, a gallant brotherly concern. Damon comes close, very close, to upstaging Bridges.
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