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Adjustment Bureau premiere

  • Matt and Lucy attended the premiere of The Adjustment Bureau in New York on Monday. In a video interview Matt said Lucy and the kids are based in LA at the moment and she was going to miss the premiere but Lucy surprised him by getting the red eye and arriving with Stella to greet him on Monday morning and be with him for Valentine's Day. Photos from Zimbio, Faded Youth Blog and the Daily Mail. Video from the premiere is at My Fox NY.

  • Matt talked about turning down Rescue Dawn to do Stuck on you and ultimately meet Lucy - details here.

    Matt Damon partly has his mother to thank for his wife and kids - because he would never have met Luciana Barroso if he hadn't listened to his mum's advice.

    Damon was keen to shoot Rescue Dawn with director Werner Herzog, but fearing the war drama would mean her son would have to lose weight for the role, his mother suggested he take on a comedy instead.

    So Damon shot the Farrelly Brothers' Stuck on You with Greg Kinnear - and met his wife on set.

    He says, "Werner and I were talking about Rescue Dawn about eight years ago with me possibly playing the Christian Bale role. I was really strongly considering that and instead I met with the Farrelly Brothers.

    "I remember talking to my mother and she said, 'You know, you don't always have to go into a jungle and lose a bunch of weight. You're allowed to have a little fun.'

    "So I did the Farrelly Brothers movie and that there was where I met my wife, so, four kids later, that was a pretty fateful decision."

  • Matt was asked about Australia in an interview at the Sydney Morning Herald:

    Matt: "I was in Australia in 2007 when Forbes magazine rated me the best investment per dollar in Hollywood. The Bourne Ultimatum had just come out and the story was about what I got paid versus what happened at the box office. But it's a fickle business. Next year, I may very well be the worst. My daughters love Australia, too, because they know that's where the Wiggles come from and that means a lot in our household."
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