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Adjustment Bureau interviews

  • A transcript from a press junket interview is here, and an exclusive with the Orlando Sentinel is here, including an extension of a story told on Inside the actor's studio.

    A sure way to get a laugh out of “Adjustment Bureau” star Matt Damon these days is to mention that oddly, two directors whose only link in this world is having both worked with Damon more than once have both announced seemingly premature “retirements” from movie making.

    The quixotic and generally quite successful Steven Soderbergh seems to mean it. With Kevin Smith, who has had a lot of trouble getting his latest movie made and into theaters, it’s hard to tell. But both have announced a one-or-two-more movies and done career path.

    “I hope to be in both of their last movies,” Damon says. “But I hope neither one of them is making his last movie NOW. I hope not. I hope not. We need good directors."

    “This ‘Liberace’ script is just wonderful. Michael’s going to be just phenomenal in that part. We’re shooting that in 2012. I just did ‘Contagion’ with Steven last December."

    I’m interviewing The Farrelly Brothers on Friday about “Hall Pass,” their new comedy. Damon and Greg Kinnear played conjoined twins in their comedy, “Stuck on You” some years back. Damon has a vivid recollection of working with those guys, too.

    “My favorite direction I’ve ever receieved was from Peter Farrelly. Greg and I were wearing the suit, stuck together. We do a take and it just doesn’t work. I’d flubbed a line, Greg missed one of his cues and there was this long pause after we hear “Cut” over the walkie-talkies. They were sitting way over in Video Village, where the monitors were. Must have been a quarter of a mile away.

    “And Greg goes, ‘Well that stunk. Let’s just go right away’ We were hoping they’d keep the cameras rolling and we’d take another shot at the scene.

    “But we see Peter walking all the way over to the set. Long walk. Greg says, ‘Oh nooo. He’s coming ALL the way over just to give us a note. Not good.’

    “Peter’s chewing gum. And he finally gets over to us, looks at me, looks down at his feet, takes a long pause, ‘Um, yeah, hmmmm.’ Looks back up at me and finally just says — ‘Suck less!’”

    Damon laughs.

    “Greg and I go ‘Yeah, THANKS Peter. We got it.’ He turns around and walks all the way back to the monitors.”

  • An article about the themes of The Adjustment Bureau is at the Christian Post. Another spoof interview by Matt Zaller is here. Matt says The Social Network is his favorite to win Best Picture here, and a video interview is at Entertainment Tonight, including Matt and Emily discussing when Matt's kids came to the set:

    Matt: They came by. Because I was so close. There were some days when I was shooting in the neighbourhood and they would walk over and come hang out. There’s a shelf life to how much kids want to hang out on a movie set or in a trailer. It’s fun for ten minutes and then they want to go do something else. The park is a lot more fun than a trailer.

    Emily: It was so cute. They’re crawling over him all the time and they’re a wonderful mix of both him and Lucy. Yeah, he is surrounded by beautiful women. And that’s just the way he likes it.

  • From an interview at the Boston Herald with comedian/actor J.B. Smoove, who is in We bought a zoo:

    But J.B.’s also got a Fox TV pilot in the works, as well as roles in “The Sitter,” a comedy with Jonah Hill and Sam Rockwell, and Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought A Zoo,” starring Matt Damon.

    “Now, he’s a fun dude,” Smoove told the Track. “We have a damn fine time together, Matt and me.”

  • Matt was rumored to be at a NY Fashion Week show on Friday, but it was a prank:

    A party crasher pretending to be Matt Damon's publicist caused havoc at Gwen Stefani's show for her fashion line, L.A.M.B., at Lincoln Center -- forcing organizers to hold front-row seats for Damon, who was in LA, and sending paparazzi into a frenzy.

    However, Damon's rep, Jennifer Allen, confirmed to us that Damon and Barroso had been in LA since Tuesday morning, since Damon is shooting a movie there. "He's never been to a fashion show, to my knowledge," said Allen, who has repped Damon for 16 years. "No one called me to check."

  • Matt and Gary White received an award for at the Global Action Awards on Saturday, but Matt did not attend. Matt's brother Kyle has also set up a new initiative to support
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