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We bought a zoo, Time

  • A photo of Matt and Benjamin Mee on the set of We Bought A Zoo, from Twitter. Ben and family are visiting the film set this week.

  • Readers can currently vote for Matt on the Time 100 poll - here's Matt's entry:

    Matt Damon
    Age: 40
    Occupation: Actor, activist
    Previous TIME 100 appearances: 0
    With performances in blockbusters such as The Adjustment Bureau and the Oscar-nominated True Grit, as well as a recurring role on NBC's hit comedy 30 Rock, Matt Damon dominated both the big and small screens this past year. Yet he poured equal energy into, a nonprofit he co-founded in 2009, which aims to take safe and clean drinking water to developing countries.

  • From an article at the Hollywood Reporter about the recent premiere of His Way:

    "I want to welcome you all to Jerry Weintraub’s second bar mitzvah!” That’s how HBO co-president Richard Plepler opened the screening and afterparty on the Paramount lot March 22 for the the new documentary about Weintraub's career.

    Matt Damon’s production schedule nearly kept the star from attending the premiere. (Damon, right, is shooting Cameron Crowe’s We Bought a Zoo in Thousand Oaks, Calif.). But after Weintraub (left, with HBO’s Michael Lombardo) offered to send a helicopter, the filmmakers decided to break early and spare Jerry the cash.
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