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We bought a zoo, various

  • After visiting the set of We bought a zoo, Ben Mee spoke with Radio Devon about meeting Matt. A partial transcript is below, with additional quotes here.

    "He was on show the whole time, as he had to be. He was just nice, genuinely nice and everybody on the set liked him. He spent loads of time just being nice and kind and attentive to everyone and chatting casually in between scenes."

  • This set report from Cameron Crowe's official site doesn't have anything new, but there are some on-set photos. Ellen DeGeneres visited the set and met Crystal the capuchin monkey - video at YouTube. The film should wrap early this week.

  • A very late report on Matt meeting rugby players and friends after the London screening of Invictus is here.

  • Taylor Lautner keeps talking about Matt, mostly because of Lautner's new Bourne rip-off thriller - from MTV:

    "Obviously he's great at the action, but he's got everything else," Lautner explained. "He's done everything from comedy to drama to action to thriller. He's really challenged himself throughout his career. Action isn't all he can do, and that's what I tried to bring to the role. I hope people see that."
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