Matt Damon News Column (mattdamoncolumn) wrote,
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Photos, Liberace

  • Photos of Matt, Lucy, Gia and Stella attending Jennifer Garner's birthday party on Sunday are at PopSugar and Radar Online.

  • Michael Douglas wasn't very tactful when describing why Liberace has been delayed - from Showbiz 411. He also seems to believe that filming will commence in September, and Matt last reported it would start in summer 2012.

    Douglas has survived cancer and kept a mane of shiny, thickish gray hair. Unbelievable. He looks great. At intermission, I asked him about filming his next movie, “Liberace.”

    “We have to wait until September, I think,” he said. “Matt Damon’s going off to make a payday picture this summer. And I have to gain some weight.” Damon is indeed filming “Elysium” with Jodie Foster, directed by Neill Blomkamp, for Sony.

  • We Bought A Zoo wraps filming today (Wednesday).
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