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Events and projects

  • Matt will attend the Save Our Schools March and rally in Washington on 30 July. Details from Save Our Schools March and linked Facebook pages:

    Not only has actor, Matt Damon, endorsed the Save Our Schools March--he is committed to participating on JULY 30th w/a megaphone! He will fly all night long to attend this rally with us then immediately fly back to return to filming.

  • Matt is scheduled to attend a charity breakfast in Boston on 18 May with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Matt and Lucy are also co-hosting a private charity event on Tuesday in NY.

  • According to filmmaker Abigail Disney's Twitter, Matt recorded the narration for an upcoming PBS series titled Women, War and Peace on Monday - the following photo was linked.

  • Reshoots for Contagion in Chicago are confirmed for four days in June.

  • Matt is narrating a poker documentary titled All In: The Poker Movie, to be released in cinemas on 29 July.

  • Photos of Matt and family leaving LA for NY on the weekend are at the Daily Mail and
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