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Cancer benefit, Contagion

  • Another report from the cancer benefit is at People. A short video of Kent introducing "my youngest, Matt", and part of Matt's speech, is available at The Boston Globe has more photos from the event by Bill Brett, including the photo below of Matt, Lucy, Kent and his wife Celeste. The event raised nearly $1.3 million for the Cancer Center. A report from the event is also available at

    This year’s keynote speaker was Academy Award-winner Matt Damon. Matt attended the evening with wife, Luciana, father, Kent and step-mother Celeste. Many learned that evening of Matt’s father’s struggle with multiple myeloma and subsequent recovery from a stem cell transplant.

    Treated at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center by the Director of the Center for Multiple Myeloma, Noopur Raje, MD and Director of the Bone Marrow Transplant Program, Thomas Spitzer, MD, Kent spoke about his battle with the disease and love for his physicians. Matt echoed Kent’s remarks by stressing the importance of compassionate care and individualized treatment.

  • A photo of Matt with an extra on the set of Contagion on Friday in Chicago is at the Sherman Health Facebook page.
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