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Fast Company magazine interview

  • Matt was interviewed for Fast Company magazine's July/August issue about his work with The full interview is available on the magazine's website - excerpts.

    For all his star power, though, Damon is more than just the pretty face of He has turned himself into a development expert. This would seem like an obvious and necessary first step for someone embracing the global water crisis as a personal mission. But, in fact, it's highly unusual for a celebrity to dive this deep into a problem this daunting. Whether talking microfinance strategy with rural bankers, giving detailed reports from the field at the annual Clinton Global Initiative, or personally thanking donors like PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, Damon has quietly developed the cred of a program geek.

    Damon reads as equal parts hardworking, ambitious, grounded, and caring, the kind of celebrity you'd want your son to be if you had a son who could get both the girl and the point of fame. He's a son who'd make a mother proud. "She doesn't say it quite that way," he says. "It's not the way she talks. She says, 'I affirm him.' Hang on a sec." As he hops out of the car to go pick up the eldest of his four daughters, a charming tween who will never have to fetch water for her family, he smiles and looks affirmed.

  • An interview with Matt about cars and his driving skills is at Lotus Magazine.

  • From an article at Variety on the best guest performances in consideration for an Emmy:

    Matt Damon "30 Rock"
    Why: While Damon could easily put TV in his rearview mirror, he gets in on the joke that is Liz Lemon and has a plenty of fun with it. An airline pilot who keeps his passengers grounded, Damon's career -- on the big and small screen -- is flying higher than ever.

  • Matt did a cover photo shoot for the January 2012 issue of GQ last week.

  • There's an interview with George Nolfi to mark the DVD release of The Adjustment Bureau today at Aint It Cool News.

  • Another photo of Matt, Lucy and Bono from the Spider man premiere on Broadway is at

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