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Contagion release date change

  • Contagion's release date has been moved up from 21 October to 9 September. The Playlist provided details of a recent test screening.

    A reader recently caught a test screening for the film and sent us their reactions saying it was “incredibly intense, disturbing and way too feasible to not feel slightly sick to your stomach the whole time.” They said that “the uneasiness that the film creates is similar to that while reading ‘The Road,’ in that the horror comes from the situation, but also the truths in what this type of situation can bring out in human nature.” With multiple storylines, our source told us, “this is just great storytelling. There are several complicated pieces to the puzzle and everyone is making ethically questionable decisions, yet the virus itself makes for a sinister enough antagonist that there’s still a clear foe to be fought.”

  • Matt is already in Vancouver ahead of a late July start date for Elysium.

  • Matt attended a U2 concert in Baltimore with John Krasinski last week.
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