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  • An interview with Matt to promote the DVD of Adjustment Bureau is at Moviehole. The interview is from February - excerpts.

    The whole star system has changed drastically. Nowadays almost anybody can be a star overnight.
    Thank God for that. The reality shows that are in all the magazines, I don’t know who any of them are but I’m so grateful because it’s a match made in heaven that they want to be in those magazines.

    It seems different than before because now it happens very fast and also lasts for a few seconds.
    Fifteen minutes is way too long now. It’s taken a lot of pressure off [of me]. I live here [in New York] and walk around all day every day and I’m fine. A couple of guys showed up to take my picture when Stella was born and that was it. They know where I am and they know where I live. I talked to the guy and asked why has was taking my picture and he said it was because I just had a daughter and they wanted to get an updated photo of me. They didn’t come by my apartment because they wanted to respect my privacy. I said, “Thank you, I really appreciate that.”

    But they got you anyway.
    They got me taking my kid to school. They know where I live and where my kids go to school, but they don’t bother me. I’m not what is selling magazines right now, so if they need to get an updated photo they come and squeeze off a couple of shots. My kids never know. I drop my kids off and go talk to them and ask what’s going on. “Did something happen I need to know about?”

    New York is a great place to raise your kids. It’s changed.
    It’s really changed, totally. You can see [by] how many strollers you see. The diners all have stroller parking.

    Are you going do more romantic roles?
    If they’re good. I’ll do anything that’s good. I never choose thematically, although maybe themes do appear, but that’s by accident. Career strategy doesn’t really work. You end up making your best educated guess one movie at a time, then at the end you look back and maybe there’s a pattern or maybe there isn’t. If a great romance came along, I’d certainly love to do it.

    What do you mean by a good role for you?
    I’ve read thousands of scripts and written scripts, so I know a lot about the technical side of it. For me, honestly, it’s a feeling I get, which I’m sure has to do with the thousands of hours I’ve spent working on screenplays. But if something moves me, I will usually do it.

  • Actor Hal Holbrook praised Matt and his work in Hereafter and Invictus at a recent film event.

    Holbrook said it's important for actors to get back on the stage to learn their craft and to keep the mind going. He said it's a tremendous responsibility when you're standing in front of an audience for two or three hours because you can't take back what you just did. He said he still finds inspiration in watching other talented actors and said he was recently very impressed with Matt Damon's performance in Invictus and Hereafter.

    "Beautiful work -- the character he played. I'm so impressed with his acting. He's wonderful, not showy but a great human being. I just saw Invictus and the movie Hereafter really got to me."

  • Barry Manilow also praised Matt during a recent discussion on Piers Morgan about fame:

    MANILOW: Well, you know there is a little bit of that. It's just that you've got to -- you've got to -- it all depends on how you handle it. You know, there's a lot of great people out there who have handled fame just beautifully. Like Will, like, you know, like Matt Damon...

  • A promotional photo of Matt and Emily Blunt from gotmebelieving tumblr.

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