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We bought a zoo, photos

  • Cameron Crowe discussed the music of We bought a zoo at The Uncool, including:

    Crowe: It started on the first day. I wasn’t going to play music during the actual takes. I usually do that a lot. But I’m standing out there for a scene in a junior high hallway with Matt Damon and Colin Ford. The way Matt was looking, I kept thinking about the Tom Petty song, “Don’t Come Around Here No More”. I just said, “I’ve got to play it!” (laughs) So I played the song during the next take. Matt Damon immediately soaked it up and turned to me and said, “That was amazing. You’ve got to play that again. And what else do you have?” I don’t think he’d ever acted with music playing during the take.

  • Photos of Matt and family cycling around Stanley Park in Vancouver are at Punkd Images, Zimbio and Lainey Gossip. Matt's mother Nancy and her husband Doug are also in the photos.

  • Comments by Matt about Brad Pitt's and Angelina Jolie's intrusive life with the paparazzi originate from the February Adjustment Bureau press junket, and recently surfaced in a German magazine as part of an interview to promote the DVD release. The comments were definitely not made in a German TV program, as claimed by People, and accepted by every other publication that took up the story. People's article was also clearly incorrect in stating that Matt and Lucy married in March 2003, when they were yet to meet.
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