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We bought a zoo, Contagion

  • The first test screenings for We bought a zoo were held this week in Los Angeles and brief reviews on Twitter are positive (think 'lovely' and 'adorable').

  • Another casual photo of Matt in Vancouver is at Holy Moly.

  • Contagion will be shown out of competition at the Venice Film Festival.

  • Edward Norton tweeted on Thursday about a new project he's involved in with Matt - as board members of the Harlem Success Garden, created by their driver in New York, Tony Hillery.

    EdwardNorton: Matt Damon intro'd me to this guy when making Rounders. He's amazing. We both love him. more story from me in the link

    I met Tony Hillery back when I was making the movie "Rounders". Matt Damon tipped me to Tony's terrific car service company, TZR, and, as he always is, Matt was holding an Ace up his sleeve. Tony is pure class...self-made man, family man and a true citizen who cares about his community and country. After many early mornings and late nights in cars with him discussing politics and the challenges of America Tony said to me one day "You know I got tired of hearing myself just talk about everything that's wrong with the world and I decided I needed to DO I started this project. Can I tell you about it?" Within 15 minutes he had sketched out the idea and the mission of Harlem Grown and the project to restore the Harlem Success Garden.

    I'm inspired by his passion and I'm proud to say I've joined his Board along with Matt D and we're raising all the support we can.
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