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Contagion, Elysium

  • Character posters for Contagion are now available online. An article on how it is being sold as a horror film is at the New York Times.

  • Harvey Weinstein is still talking about a Rounders sequel.

  • The first photos of Matt on the set of Elysium are available at Celebuzz (note: potential spoilers).

  • Anne Thompson provided details about how the final cut of Margaret was achieved:

    Nor will Kenneth Lonergan’s long-awaited follow-up to You Can Count on Me, Margaret, be in a fall fest. Searchlight has finally got a final cut. It’s not by Lonergan, who has been paralyzed for years over finishing the film, but from Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker. But Lonergan has approved the trimmed version. Searchlight will open the Sydney Pollack, Gary Gilbert and Scott Rudin-produced picture, starring young-looking Matt Damon, Anna Paquin and Mark Ruffalo, on September 30.
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