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EW fall preview, We Bought A Zoo

  • Scans of Entertainment Weekly's fall preview issue are available at Oh No They Didn't. New photos and quotes are available for Contagion, We Bought A Zoo and in an interview with Kate Winslet.

  • Musician Philip Sayce talked about his role in We Bought A Zoo at Blues Rock Review:

    Question: You had a part in the upcoming Cameron Crowe movie, "We Bought a Zoo," which stars Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. How did that come about and what was it like on the set?

    Sayce: We're gonna see what's going to happen with that. What happened was a really good friend of mine called me up and said, "hey what are you doing tomorrow?" I said, "what's going on?" He said, "well listen I'm going to be in this movie, do you want to come and bring your guitars and amps and stuff and come play because they need a guy that can come and play." And I am like "sure that sounds cool!" So I went down to the set and I realized that it was a really big deal and then "oh there's Matt Damon," realizing that this was a pretty heavy movie.

    I rolled in with my amps and guitars, and we were there for I don't know, two weeks or whatever and did a bunch of filming. I have no idea how much or how little they are going to use of it. You know when you make a film and stuff it's like you can shoot for a month and they can cut the whole month. You just don't know what's going to happen in the editing so I haven't seen any final edit, but I know that we shot a bunch of stuff. I just played myself walking through a field with my friend Mauricio. Mauricio is an excellent composer. We were walking through a field and also his friend who is the percussionist in the scene, so we were walking around and they filmed us playing for a couple days. It was fun, it was cool.

  • Adrian Grenier discussed Matt's Entourage visit at HBO.

  • Emily Blunt and John Krasinski visited Matt and family in Vancouver over the weekend. A report and photos of Emily and John leaving Vancouver are at Lainey Gossip:

    Come spend the weekend
    Must have been what Matt Damon and his wife Luciana told Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. And they accepted the invitation to visit them in Vancouver. Here are Emily and John leaving Vancouver on Sunday after a few days in Canada with her Adjustment Bureau co-star. They’ve been hanging out a lot the four of them after shooting that movie together. In New York quite often, and now in Vancouver where Matt’s been working on a new film for a couple of months. Emily and John stayed with the Damons at their rental property; it’s a close friendship.

    Earlier in the day, before leaving for their flight, Matt took Emily and John up the Grouse Grind. He finished well before they did. They were spotted taking the tram back down together though and graciously posed for fans who eventually recognised them.
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