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Venice wrap-up, Elysium

  • Photos of Matt and Lucy leaving Venice are at INF Daily and PopSugar. The next stop for Matt is New York for a premiere on Wednesday.

  • Steven Soderbergh talked about Matt in a Reuters interview.

    Q: Once someone gets the virus, death is imminent so it's like a zombie movie without the zombies.
    Soderbergh: "Matt (Damon) wanted a zombie. He kept asking for one. He kept saying we'd make a lot more money if we had zombies. I said, 'Call Gwyneth! Let's see if she's up for it.'"

    Q: This is your sixth film with Matt. What is it about him that made you want him form "Contagion?"
    Soderbergh: "He's one of the few people that can play both ends of the spectrum -- he can be everyman, and he can be Jason Bourne. In 'Contagion' his character needed to be resolutely middle class. Matt's great at that because he's not one of those actors that comes in like, 'I wanna win this scene.' He's so completely lacking in vanity. He'll submit to the larger story and not worry about how he is coming across moment to moment."

  • Matt provided more details about Elysium in interviews at Buzzinefilm and Rumorfix. If Matt has been quoted accurately, Elysium may now be solely filming in Vancouver and no longer shooting in Mexico City.

    Q: What kind of movie is Elysium?
    Matt: I'm working up until the end of the year in Vancouver. The Blomkamp movie -- Elysium. It's a kind of sci-fi.

    Damon, who stars in this summer’s thriller Contagion, says that while production has already began on his next big film, it’s going to be while before it lands in theaters. “It’s coming out in 2013... There’s going to be some incredible visual effects in the movie so that’s going to take some time in post production.”

  • Another interview with Matt is at IMDB:

    Matt: I love IMDB... I don’t know - I’m always on there. I’m checking out resumes of people. Every time I get on a new crew I usually go down check out people, see what they’ve worked on. Chances are if I don’t know them, we’ll still have a ton of mutual friends and people in common. So I use it a lot for that kind of stuff.

  • An interview with the actor who plays Matt's son in Contagion is at Triblocal.

  • Matt attended a lunch for Golden Globes members in Venice and recorded a video on his favorite location in Venice for the Globes website.

  • Official videos from Venice: the arrival of the cast by boat, the press conference and extended footage of the red carpet.
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