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  • Contagion continues to do well at the box office and has now made a total of $45.2 million after two weeks.

  • Gus Van Sant discussed Matt and Ben writing Good Will Hunting and their follow-up project at Indiewire.

  • Matt was discussed as a contender for another Steven Soderbergh project, but Indiewire claims Matt will be directing Father Daughter Time at the same time - this has not been verified.

    Another name that everyone likes, including the director, is Matt Damon, who loved the script and didn’t even worry about Jason Bourne comparisons. This could have easily been a done deal that all parties would have loved, but Damon’s busy gearing up to shoot his directorial debut in February starring John Krasinski – the same month that ‘Man From U.N.C.L.E’ is planning on shooting, so he’s out.

  • Bourne Supremacy actor Tim Griffin discussed working with Matt at Flick Direct:

    FlickDirect: What did Matt Damon do after he broke your nose in Bourne Identity?

    Tim Griffin: Matt is one of those people I love to work with. People who have worked with me have more than once gone on immediately to win an Oscar -- it happened to George Clooney. Matt Damon. It is not my doing, but it is cool. I was a huge fan of Bourne, so when I got the call to do the second one I was really thrilled. Bourne is James Bond for our generation, and Matt really does a great job with that character. And as you have heard, he couldn't be nicer, and he is very intelligent. He is really accessible. We were talking baseball and stuff. He remembered me from a show with Ben Affleck years ago. He also remembered he used to come to our sets to eat our food because you were supporting our rent!

    FlickDirect: After he hit you, what did he do?

    Tim Griffin: We kept going. The best thing is that we made it on film. Greenglass is an eccentric British Director (he does the accent). He had no idea anything had gone wrong, so he kept rolling; but Matt did and the fight coordinator did so as soon as he said "Cut" it was "MEDIC!!" It was a happy accident that it made the shot - I am glad we kept it.

  • A new project for is discussed at Yahoo.
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