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Elysium continues filming in Vancouver

  • According to a cast member, Elysium is still filming for a few weeks in Vancouver before moving to Mexico.

  • From CNN - Former President Bill Clinton thinks Matt could play him in a movie of his life:

    BEHAR: Rachael Ray kicks off the sixth season of her very successful and Emmy Award winning show this week. And one of her guests was just the former leader of the free world. No, not Hillary. Her husband, Bill Clinton. And here he is telling Rachael who should play him in a movie. Watch.

    BILL CLINTON, FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT: I would say Clint Eastwood, but he`s even older than I am. Almost nobody is anymore. But I think Travolta is a great actor. He would be good. And you`d have to -- you don`t have to be as tall or whatever, but I think -- I really like Matt Damon, but the height difference may not work.

  • George Clooney jokingly discussed the actors he would like to see at the White House:

    “I would always vote for Morgan Freeman. Just hear him talk, you vote for him. I'd also vote for Matt Damon just because I'd make him have to live in the White House and that would be fun. Matt would be good,” he continued. “He's smart and he was the ‘Bourne’ guy so at the end of the day he might kick your ass."

  • A new poster for Happy Feet 2 shows us for the first time the name of Matt's character:

  • An article at Reuters considered the Oscar chances of We bought a zoo:

    Crowe's last non-documentary film, "Elizabethtown," was a commercial and critical disappointment, and the Academy also ignored his film before that, "Vanilla Sky" (except for a nomination for Paul McCartney's title song). Still, word-of-mouth is strong on this Matt Damon/Scarlett Johansson comedy/drama mix, a reputed tear-jerker based on the true story of a British family that used its life savings to buy a zoo slated for demolition.

    The big question is whether Crowe's open-hearted populism, which won over both audiences and Oscar voters with "Jerry Maguire" and "Almost Famous," will click with the Academy members, or whether the film will just be considered a commercial offering but not an awards play. In a year that seems unusually receptive to mainstream, major-studio productions, this one could find a way in.

  • Margaret and American Teacher both opened in limited release on Friday.
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