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  • A collection of photos to celebrate Matt's birthday last Saturday is at PopSugar.

  • A new Happy Feet 2 trailer which includes Matt's krill character is at Cinema Blend.

  • The Adjustment Bureau will be adapted for television by the Syfy network:

    The concept is being adapted by former "Smallville" exec-producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin, who are serving as executive-producers on the project along with George Nolfi, who wrote, directed and produced the feature.

  • Elysium should finish filming in Vancouver this week before heading to Mexico.

  • A collection of quotes by Matt have been made into an article at the The Sun on the topic of 'What I wish I had known at 18' - some excerpts:

    I wish I had known at 18 that if your happiness is tied to success and what Hollywood thinks of you, you are in trouble.
    I also wish I had not been in such a hurry — and known all rejection from Hollywood was nothing personal.
    As a kid, I had idols and sports heroes. I would put on the Sony Walkman and, for an hour, was Eric Clapton, playing air guitar.
    The film changed my life. I suddenly had offers to work with great directors. After years of struggling, I had plenty. I hit a point in my late twenties when I was travelling and working non-stop. It took years before I felt like myself again.
    The whole thing was like an out-of-body experience, with the way I behaved. But the weird thing about fame is the world remains the same. It is just the way people treat you that changes. You want a new suit? Armani give you one. It arrives and fits perfectly. You want a set of golf clubs? You get one — free.
    So whenever I read about famous actors suffering "pressure" I wonder: "What are you talking about?"
    When I met Luciana, who was working at a bar in Miami, it was a big change. We joked I was with a civilian, not an actress. It was like having a fresh pair of eyes looking at my life. She saw things I didn't see any more, like how people treat you differently.
    She would say: "That was weird." And it reminded me that my life is weird.
    It was the start of a great relationship.
    These are things you don't think of at 18. Actors come and go. I know the deal.
    You breathe this rarefied air for a very short time. I could not have understood that at 18.

  • A good photo via DarkStar77 tumblr.

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