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New directing and writing project

  • A new potential directing project for Matt has been announced at Variety. Matt co-wrote the original project with John Krasinski after Krasinski conceived the idea and developed the script with writer Dave Eggers. Further details are at the Hollywood Reporter and EW, with further reports at the Playlist, The Wrap and Collider. The project may film in the eastern states next spring. A summary of the various reports is below.

    Matt Damon plans to make his feature directorial debut in an untitled, mid-budget drama that he and Krasinski co-wrote and will star in together for Warner Bros. Project will be set up at Krasinski's Sunday Night Productions banner. Chris Moore will produce.

    Pic is not the long-rumored "Father Daughter Time," which many speculated when Damon said in June he was considering a directing project with Krasinski in the cast.

    Instead, project is something Krasinski came up with and developed with author Dave Eggers. Damon would play a salesman who arrives in a small town only to have his whole life called into question.

    Warner Bros. is yet to greenlight the project, and no individual deals are yet in place, though preliminary plans are to shoot the project on the East Coast in the near future.

    Damon and Krasinski would both star in the Warner Bros. film, but no deals have been signed yet and the project is still described as being in the early stages.

    Sources tell Variety that the budget would be around $12 million.

    Damon is also attached to direct Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses, about a criminal on the lam with his daughter, but a source tells EW the project with Krasinski will be his directorial debut.

    So we don’t know much about the project (nary a title), but with this kind of talent attached, I don’t think we need to. Can you even imagine a more amiable on-screen duo than Damon and Krasinski? (Maybe Damon and a chocolate lab puppy. Maybe.)

  • Matt is at #40 on Ask Men's Top 49 Men of 2011 list. Some of the text:

    Matt Damon was one of Barack Obama’s biggest supporters throughout his 2008 presidential campaign, but he has since jumped off the president’s bandwagon, becoming one of his most vocal celebrity critics. Does Damon think he can do a better job than the embattled leader? Michael Moore sure does. The lefty filmmaker has publicly urged the actor to run for office, and based on Damon’s recent caught-on-film criticisms of education in America, the Iraq war and taxes -- all as articulate as anything Obama has said all year -- the Oscar-winning actor might be up to the task. If not, he always has that whole movie star thing to fall back on.

  • A summary of a new German interview is here. It's Stella's first birthday today.
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