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Family photos, more details on new project

  • Matt visited Central Park Zoo with father Kent and other family members on Thursday - photos at People and Gossip Girls.

    Carving out some time with the family, Matt Damon visited New York City's Central Park Zoo with his loved ones earlier today (October 20).
    Enjoying the day with his father, wife and sister-in-law, the "Contagion" actor also took a few moments for an interview set to be featured in an upcoming issue of GQ magazine.

  • Matt discussed the untitled project with John Krasinski during the Contagion junket, with the interview released yesterday, including:

    Will you be writing anything in the future?
    Yeah, I’ve been working on something with John Krasinski, and we are hoping to shoot that next year. I mean the writing, I haven’t officially written anything since Good Will Hunting, but that part of me, that creative part of me gets fed really on every movie, because I’m allowed to have so much input and there’s a lot of crossover in the jobs, what it really comes down to is kind of creative problem solving.

    But will you and Krasinski kind of co-direct?
    No, I’m going to direct it. Yeah, I’ve been dying to do it for a long time, but I keep getting these offers from these great directors, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting time, every time I’m with Steven I just learn so much when I’m with him, the chance to stand next to somebody like that, and just henpeck him with questions and watch how he does what he does is just, that just doesn’t come along. So I’ve been lucky, really lucky.

    Can you say what it’s about?
    It’s a small movie, New York has a twelve million dollar tax thing so we want to come in under that and so it will be a very, it’s a very modest small movie about people. How’s that for a description? No, I’m in it, I’m in it too.

    And Emily?
    Is not in it, no. No, after our smashing success with The Adjustment Bureau, we dare not pair ourselves together, for at least, we don’t want to raise expectations too much.

    You’re not bothered in the streets.
    Yeah, I saw Brad (Pitt) last year and I was kind of talking about, yeah my day, after I go pick up the kids at school, we’d walk over to the park and we’d play in the park, and he was just looking at me like, are you kidding me? (laughs) Like, why do you get to do that? And I feel really lucky that I get to do that, because my kids don’t see any of the craziness, and therefore live a normal life and I want that for them.

  • Matt talked about his desire to film in Argentina and his family's reluctance to talk Spanish in New York at Argentinean newspaper Clarin:

  • Details of the event Matt is scheduled to attend on 1 December for the International Senior Lawyers Project are available on their website.
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