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Elysium in Mexico, Zoo

  • A report on the filming of Elysium at Tlalpizahua, Mexico, including details about Neill Blomkamp's directing style, is at (includes spoilers).

  • New promotion for Happy Feet 2: a behind the scenes clip at the studio, an interview with Matt and a new scene with Matt and Brad's characters. A photo of Matt in the studio is from IMDB.

  • A new interview with Cameron Crowe is at the LA Times:

    "The zoo is like the mall in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High,'" Crowe said during filming, as Church and Damon tried to do a scene while the ostriches kept pushing against them, mistaking their tool belts for feed bags (the animals, including the tiger from "The Hangover," were mostly imported from local teaching zoos). "It's not just the setting, but a pressure cooker — an incubator."

  • Matt talked about Zoo in the AP holiday preview:

    In “We Bought a Zoo,” Matt Damon plays a dad trying to hold his family together by doing just what the title says – moving with his kids to a rundown zoo that they begin to rebuild. Sounds sappy, concedes Damon, who interrupts himself when he describes the movie to point out that it’s directed by Oscar winner Cameron Crowe (“Jerry Maguire,” “Almost Famous”). (Opens Dec. 23)

    “It’s one of those movies that sounds like it could be the worst Disney movie ever,” Damon said. “My pitch for it normally is, ‘So this guy buys a broken-down zoo and in the course of rebuilding the zoo – look, Cameron Crowe directed it.’ ... So you go, OK, this could work.”

  • A quote from an interview with Steven Soderbergh when asked about his retirement:

    How will Matt Damon survive? He is in all your movies!
    Soderbergh: Do not worry about Matt, he has many other friends.
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