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Bourne, Jeremy Renner

  • Jeremy Renner discussed his new Bourne role and plans to work with Matt in press junket interviews at MTV and Indiewire.

    Renner is currently filming "The Bourne Legacy," the first "Bourne" film in the series that doesn't feature Matt Damon. Despite the fact that he is taking over the franchise from its former leading man, Renner said there are no hard feelings between the two of them. In fact, Damon has been nothing but supportive of the whole process.

    "He's always been so complimentary to me from the moment I met him. Such a great guy," Renner said. "I met him from 'The Town,' obviously, 'cause of him and Ben [Affleck] being best buds. I met him first at the Academy Awards, actually, for 'The Hurt Locker.' He sat in front of me, and he saw 'The Town' before I saw it and said he loved it. He's a very, very complimentary, loving dude."

    The duo met up recently in New York, where Renner said they did end up talking about the "Bourne" franchise. But instead of trying to convince Damon to make a cameo appearance in "The Bourne Legacy," the two actors ended up discussing how they'd like to work together on a future project.

    "I want to work with him, actually. That's what we talked about mostly, just sort of, maybe getting to work together somehow, some way, something," Renner said.

    Meanwhile, Renner revealed that he did speak to Matt Damon about passing the 'Bourne' baton, and he similarly advised him to focus on the physical demands of the role. “He’s such a cool, grounded guy that it’s sort of like, how do you give advice to somebody on something,” he confessed. “If anything, he said, just listen to your guys that know what they’re doing. He’s worked with Dan Bradley, who did all the action on all the ‘Bourne’ movies – and he’s actually our Second Unit Director on ‘Mission.’ I was happy to know that he was part of this ‘Bourne’ movie, and he said, ‘just trust that guy.’”

    “I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, perfect - you don’t have to tell me,’ ” Renner said. “ ’I’ve already worked with him. He’s awesome.' [Damon said,] ‘He’s going to ask you to do some really terrifying things, but you can just trust that it’s all all right.’ ”

  • Another photo of Matt on the set of Elysium is at PopSugar.
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